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International Standard Daycare also Available.

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Why Kriyative International?


Individualized Attention

With a high Teacher to Student ratio of 2:15, we provide individualized attention to each child. We record and document every child's learning outcome and make sure 'no child is left behind' in their development journey. 

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Wholesome Development

With our education philosophy of 'Wheel of Kriya', we immerse our children in 8 different knowledge areas. This is developed and cemented in our students step by step from Knowledge to Rationalization to Yoke and Intensify to Assessment.

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Collaboration with Parents

We firmly believe that families and parents also play a major role in educational development and upbringing of children. We collaborate with parents on child's learning outcomes and give them clarity on child's progress and offer parenting help beyond the classrooms.

Our Vision


A Truly World Class Educational Experience at an Affordable Cost

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Wheel of Kriya

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Every child gets an opportunity to learn according to their strength area, at a pace comfortable for them. This learner-oriented process is made possible by 

  • Low Teacher-Student Ratio

  • Differentiated learning model

  • Highly trained and qualified teachers 

  • Unique learning style compass.

  • Our “Wheel of Kriya” model is followed by hundreds of schools across India by more than 2 Lakh children.

  • Combining Multiple intelligences and our proprietary Brain based learning methodology, Wheel of kriya enhances the experience of learning to help children develop the highest order of thinking skills.

Child Safety is Our Primary Goal

Environmental Safety: Completely wired and monitored CCTV setup across the campus with round the clock campus security

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Physical Safety: Ergonomically safe furnitures and toys to promote wellness in children

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Mental Safety: Mindfulness based meditation, yoga and parenting to extend the child’s wellness to beyond school to your home


At Our School, We Care for You, Parents

Parents are the pillar of our support

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With the support of KODATE - PARENTS WELLNESS PARTNERS, we offer


->Regular webinars on positive parenting approach

->Scientific assessments to ​

          1. Help you understand your parenting style

          2. Help you understand your child’s Interest area 

->Customized nudges given throughout your journey with us to help you bond with your child better

->Child learning style assessor 

->Parent support coach 

Parents and families have a major impact on the success of the process of education and upbringing of children. It is well established that parental involvement is correlated with the school achievement of children. Parental involvement can encourage children’s and adolescents’ achievement in many ways. Children whose parents are actively involved in their schooling benefit better than children whose parents are passively involved. 

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We have a lot of parent collaborative activities all round the year and give opportunities for parents to see up close how their kids are nurtured in Kriyative. 

  • Volunteering for field visits

  • Fireside chats

  • Special days engagement activities

  • Teacher for a day 

  • Kodate Parenting: an innovative program to identify your parenting style and child’s learning type.

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It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
– Albert Einstein.

  • For the past 15 years, Kriyative teachers have been shaping the minds of more than 1000 students with their unique blend of care, affection and imparting the joy of learning.

  • Our teachers have been following the highest international standards and have been trained regularly and rigorously in the latest pedagogy.

  • Following the vision of the school, teachers ensure our children are given freedom of creative expression and achieve highest learning competency.



Your child is a treasure. . .  Nurture them to the right way to make them soar to great heights
                                -  Jeyappriadhevi, CEO

Our Core Values

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  • Safety and Respect: We respect one another’s right to safety and dignity at school.

  • Explore: We provide surprise to routine activities, interesting materials, a well-rounded library, and much more to explore.

  • Play: We create an atmosphere where participation is encouraged & we support each other to do our best

  • Happy: We make sure the children are cheerful, orderly, well-managed, and focused on learning. 

  • Curiosity: We encourage kids to explore their inquisitiveness, which is the backbone for learning.

  • Nurture: Teachers and students have growth mindsets. 

  • Learn: Learning supports children in developing a shared set of values and beliefs that support the growth of a high-performing learning culture. 

  • Inquiry: We offer inquiry-based learning, students are actively involved by posing questions, analyzing on what they’ve learned, & responding appropriately.

  • Nature: Nature is said to promote children’s psychological and physical well-being, which can have a positive impact on their learning.

  • Activity:  Activities help students to develop problem-solving, critical & creative thinking, communication, & collaborative abilities

School with International Standards

Kriyative International School

6/22, II cross street Ragava, Reddy Colony Road, Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600083

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